FMA 2020

FMA 2020 Camps are designed to take your karate to the next level.

Learn from the best, face tough competition, and train like a true champion this December 8-10.

Not only will this year’s FMA 2020 Camp be a great opportunity to train for three days with some of the best talent karate has to offer, it will also be a great opportunity to live a day in the life at Fonseca Martial Arts.

We’re especially excited to welcome special guest instructor Sensei Wayne Otto. Sensei Otto has several World Karate Championships under his belt, nine to be exact! Now that’s a lot of medals.



Friday December 8

6 – 9 pm : Session 1 training at Glenview Dojo

Saturday December 9

7 – 8:30 am: Session 2 training at Glenview Dojo

2 – 4 pm: Session 3 training at Glenview Dojo

Sunday December 10

10 am – 12 pm: Session 4 training at Glenview Dojo




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